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Indiana Tech is surrounded by different housing options and that expands if you are able to drive to campus. If you are living off campus, you are responsible for finding your own accommodation. However, we can suggest some places to start looking. Remember: if you do not have a vehicle, you will want to find something that is near a bus station or is in walking or biking distance.

Please take time to research which place is best for you as where you live is an important personal choice. It is important to look at the apartment and neighborhood before signing a lease agreement. Some resources for finding off campus housing are:

Disclaimer: Indiana Tech International Admissions and Services provides information to international students, faculty, and staff members solely as a courtesy. Indiana Tech does not endorse any realtors or landlords and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of listing with the office. This listing is maintained as a service for your convenience. College employees do not inspect, approve, or supervise the premises listed. It is in the best interest of the prospective tenant to contact the landlord and make arrangements to see the accommodations.

Note: Students under the age of 21 are required to stay on campus unless they meet the set exemptions which are listed under Housing Requirements. 

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Apartments Under 2 Miles Away

AG Rentals (46803): This company owns many of the homes near Indiana Tech where students rent single rooms. Distance from Tech: location varies

CityScape Flats (46802): These are newer apartments that are built in the heart of downtown, right near the baseball stadium. Due to the prime location, the price is often higher. Distance from Tech: 1.5 miles

Graystone Landing (46803): These apartments are only 4 minutes away by walking from Indiana Tech. They offer 1-bedroom units and 2-bedroom units. Short-term leases are available. Distance from Tech: 0.2 mile, Rent: $950 (1-bedroom), $1,200 (2-bedroom)

KPM Housing (46802/46807): This company offers whole house rentals and sometimes room rentals. Distance from Tech: location varies, Rent: $565~1,175

Midtowne Realty (46802/46807): Multiple downtown sites by Midtowne Realty that has studio, one and two bedroom options.  Distance from Tech: location varies, Rent: 595~950

Three Rivers Luxury Apartments (46802): These apartments are right at the edge of downtown, which offer high rise apartments with different bedroom options. Distance from Tech: 1.3 miles, Rent: $949~2,374

Apartments 2-5 Miles Away

Arbor Lakes Apartments (46815): Not to be confused with the ones outside of Fort Wayne, these apartments are smaller and well priced. They offer a nice location and quick trip to school. Distance from Tech: 3.5 miles

Autumn Creek (46802): Recently updated and located close to downtown, this offers many different bedroom options. Distance from Tech: 4.3 miles

Black Bear Creek (46815): The location of these apartments is centrally located to make for a quick trip to school or shopping. Distance from Tech: 3.6 miles

The Summit at Ridgewood (46805): Just outside of downtown, these apartments are a great option for someone who wants to be at the heart of Fort Wayne yet in a quiet area. Distance from Tech: 3.0 miles

Woodview Manor (46815): This is a smaller apartment complex that is a short drive away. Distance from Tech: 3.8 miles



Apartments Over 5 Miles

Canterbury Green (46835): Close to downtown, these apartments are large with multiple amenities. Since it is located near all of the Fort Wayne schools, there are often many bus stop options. Very popular option. Distance from Tech: 3.9 miles (13-minute drive), Rent: $913~$1,500

Fountain Lake Apartments (46835): These apartments are quietly located and surrounded by trees. Very pet friendly. Distance from Tech: 6.0 miles

Golfview Apartments (46835): These buildings are older but conveniently located. Distance from Tech: 6.2 miles

Pointe Inverness (46804): Located on the Southwest side of the city, these apartments are close to downtown and nestled in trees. Distance from Tech: 6.7 miles

Poplar Ridge Apartments (46806): While these apartments are older, their location is close to everything and the entire complex is in a park-like setting. Distance from Tech: 6.1 miles

Shoaff Park Villas (46835): While close to everything, these apartments are often quickly filled because they are single level. Distance from Tech: 6.2 miles

St. Joe Place Apartments (46835): Some restaurants and stores in walking distance, a good variety of amenities including study center, 24-hour fitness center, etc. 2-bedroom and 4-bedroom units available to share with roommates (separate bathrooms). Distance from Tech: 4.1 miles (13-minute drive), Rent: $970~$1,700

Woodbridge Apartments (46825): Close to 3 shopping centers and parks, these apartments offer a good variety of amenities. Distance from Tech: 5 miles (15-minute drive), Rent: $970~$1,700

Wood Creek Apartments (46835): Nestled close to shops and neighborhoods, these apartments are very family friendly which makes for a quiet place to study. Distance from Tech: 6.0 miles

Apartment Suggestions (by Distance from Indiana Tech)

The cost of apartments in Fort Wayne can range from $700 to $1,500 for a single person (plus utilities). You will meet many others who have roommates. If you decide to have a roommate, please make sure that both names are on the lease and you have a written agreement on the cost split. Please let us know if you need a roommate as there might be a WhatsApp chat for housing.

Other than price, location is possibly the most important issue for finding housing. It is important to remember if you need to walk to school or if you will be able to drive. Most cities are broken down into zip codes or neighborhoods. Indiana Tech is located near the East Central / Memorial Park areas (Zip Code 48603), so to walk you will likely need something in that same area.

If not living in the dorms, we would suggest reaching out prior to arriving so that you can have something lined up.

Note: Undergraduate students under 21 are required to live in the dorms unless a written exception has been received. Graduate students may live in the dorms if extra space is available, but priority does go to Undergraduate students first.

Process of Securing an Apartment

It is your responsibility to obtain housing. This means calling complexes, completing the application, and making all payments. Generally, the process goes as follows:

  1. Find an available apartment (postings, phone calls, suggestions, etc.)
  2. Complete an application (generally online)
  3. Application approval by apartment complex
  4. Sign a lease on a specific apartment (generally online)
  5. Deposit money
  6. Visit apartment complex for keys and move in

Once you have your apartment, you should also consider utilities. Some apartments will come with utilities (water, Wi-Fi, gas, and electricity) included in the cost, but many apartments will require you to obtain these additionally. The apartment complex should give you instructions on how to complete these things.

Leasing Agreements

When you rent a room or an apartment you will be required to sign a lease. A lease is a written contract between you and the landlord (the owner of the rental property). When you sign a lease, you agree to pay a certain amount of money each month and to follow certain rules in exchange for the right to occupy the rental property for a set period of time. Most lease agreements require that you pay a security deposit which can be equal to one month’s rent. This security deposit will be returned to you if you fulfill all the terms of the lease. Read the lease carefully and be sure you understand it before signing it.

Once you have moved in, your main responsibilities are to pay rent on time (use checks only or online bill pay with your bank; do not pay with cash) and keep the property in a clean and safe condition. Once your landlord has received your monthly payment, he/she should send you a receipt for your payment.

While you have responsibilities to pay rent and keep the property in good condition, your landlord has responsibilities, too. If you believe the landlord is treating you differently than he would treat an American student, or if the landlord is not keeping the property in working condition, be proactive in addressing the issue(s). Do not endure negligence from your landlord. Insist that the apartment is in a safe, clean, livable condition. Otherwise, you are inviting the landlord to take advantage of you. If you have problems with your landlord, it is a good idea to photograph the contested areas of the apartment which are in disrepair. In addition, put all of your complaints in writing, send your landlord a copy, and keep a copy of your complaints for your own files. If the problems are not resolved, consider taking legal action.

Always keep a copy of your leasing agreement in case you have an issue in the future.