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SACM Policies

SACM Policy

Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) has certain rules for their students to follow. It is important to remember that you are responsible for maintaining your status and keeping compliant with the special SACM policies. 

  1. SACM funded students can only take classes through Indiana Tech’s traditional program.
    1. Classes offered through the College of Professional Studies (CPS) both on-campus or online are not approved by SACM and if taken, can result in full termination of SACM scholarship.
    2. SACM will not approve Indiana Tech’s CPS or online courses even if the student is at the end of their academic career or has received approval from Academic Advisor or Dean. SACM funded students has to strictly follow SACM guidelines which take precedence over Indiana Tech academic and CPS/online registration policy.
  2. SACM students have to be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours to maintain their F1 status and they cannot be enrolled over 18 credit hours for SACM funding. Indiana Tech requires all SACM students to maintain full-time enrollment (12 credit hours) at host institution (Indiana Tech). Any courses taken concurrently at another institution will be in addition to the minimum of 12 credits but not exceed 18 credit hours.
    1. Concurrent enrollment at another institution has to be pre-approved by the DSO before registration.
  3. SACM transfer credit policies for students who are using and planning to continue using SACM funding in the future:
    1. Any transfer credits have to be pre-approved by completing and receiving all the required signatures on the SACM Pre-Approval for Transfer Credit form
      1. Any classes outside of Indiana Tech cannot be taken online
      2. Students who plan on taking classes outside of Indiana Tech must maintain a minimum of 12 credit hour enrollment at Indiana Tech for the respective semester and has pre-approval from DSO.

Note: Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) sponsored students are not eligible for online courses through Indiana Tech’s College of Professional Studies (CPS) and cannot take online classes outside of the host institution (Indiana Tech). For more information on SACM policies can be found in the appendix of this book.