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It is important that you keep copies of all forms issued regarding your immigration status. Ultimately, while we are here to help you, it is your responsibility to maintain status. It is encouraged that you keep a folder with all your immigration information in a safe place so that you will be able to track the information.


SEVIS is the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. It is a U.S. government database which collects and maintains records of all non-immigrants who come to the U.S. through either F or J visa. Once an international student gets accepted by any SEVP-certified school an electronic record is created in SEVIS. This allows the university to issue an I-20 which is required for obtaining a visa.

SEVIS records must be updated of any change of information such as U.S. phone number, U.S. address, change of major within ten days. International students are required to notify International Services of any change in information. Our office will update the information electronically in the SEVIS database.