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On-Campus housing is required for students under the age of 21 (and highly recommended) for international undergraduate students. Below is information on the process of applying for housing.

Application Procedure

  1. Submit housing deposit of $350. Do not send cash. If you can’t submit the payment online, make remittance payable to Indiana Tech by check or money order and mail it to the admission office (not housing).
  2. Activate your student login credentials. This information will be provided to you upon record of receiving the deposit. This may be one to two business days after receiving your deposit.
  3. Complete online application for student housing.
  4. When prompted by email, select roommate and room.

Housing Requirements

All freshman and sophomore students, as well as international students who attend through an agency that requires housing, are required to reside in campus housing. Immediate exemption may be granted if the student is

  • 21 years of age or older prior to the start of the semester of initial enrollment.
  • Living with a responsible relative within 50 miles of the university.
  • Married and living with spouse within 50 miles of the university.

Room Assignment

Initial room assignments begin in late May and information will be sent out by email only in early June. Initial requests for specific roommates are honored provided the deposits and applications are made prior to May 1st and both applicants select each other as roommates. All other roommate assignments or selections are based on as much compatibility as we can determine from the applications. Building and room selection priority is made based on the completion date of a deposit and application. The university reserves the right to make changes in the room assignments when it is in the best interests of the residents and/or the university.

Room Furnishings and Supplies

For information on room furnishings and amenities in each building, please visit our website. All furniture must remain in the room. Mattresses are Twin Long and you will need to provide your own bedding. Refrigerators are allowed but limited to approximately 4 cubic feet. You may want to bring a small desk lamp for additional lighting. Hot plates, air conditioners, space heaters, etc. are not permitted. Since a majority of students tend to have cell phones, telephone service is not provided in the rooms. Toiletries and cleaning supplies will be your responsibility. Shower curtains will be provided. Additional information on rooms and suggestions on what to bring is also located on the website.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry machines are provided in each facility for residential students only at no additional cost. Students desiring finished laundry and/or drycleaning service may find this available within a reasonable distance off campus.