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U.S. Address

By law, all internationals on F-1 must keep the following contact information on file with the government and report changes within 10 days.

You are required to update your local address within ten days of arriving in Fort Wayne, or after changing addresses. If your first address is temporary – hotel, homestay, etc. – , you must update your address again after you move into longer-term housing. You can always update your local address, phone number, and alternate email address with International Services at any time.

1. Street Address

(building or house number, followed by street name); Apartment/suite number (if applicable)

City, state, zip code

123 45th Street NE #1
Fort Wayne, IN 46803

Note about the local address: Do not use the International Services mailing address for any personal correspondence or to open any accounts. We cannot store/process your personal mail in International Services.

Your permanent address listing in must remain a foreign, non-U.S. address. To update your permanent address information, visit our permanent address change instructions.

2. U.S. Phone Number

F-1 students: If you have a U.S. phone number, update your account. If you do not have a U.S. phone number, leave the phone number field blank.

3. Attend International Student Orientation.

Orientation is designed to acquaint international exchange, graduate, and undergraduate students with Indiana Tech campus resources, American customs and lifestyles, visa and immigration issues, the Fort Wayne area, and other Indiana Tech students. Attendance is mandatory! If you cannot attend orientation, please contact International Services.