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Transportation Policy

Upon initial arrival, International Admissions Staff will pick up students from the Fort Wayne airport during office hours (8:30 am –5 pm). If arrival is not during that time, prior arrangements must be confirmed with the International Admissions Office for pick up or taxi services.

If student has a medical emergency (please call 911 for an ambulance) or is feeling too ill to travel alone to the doctor/pharmacy, we can assist with transportation if necessary. If you cannot find anyone to assist you, please contact the International Student Services Office to help you find transportation.

When exchange students complete their program and are exiting the U.S., we can provide transportation to the Fort Wayne airport, Fort Wayne bus station, or Waterloo train station. Please try to schedule your travel during office hours (8:30 a.m.—5:00p.m.). If this is not obtainable, please make prior arrangements at least a week in advance.

*Please note that the university does not provide transportation during the breaks.