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On-Campus Employment

AN F-1 visa allows students to work twenty (20) hours/week during a semester, and students are allowed to work full time during semester breaks and holidays. To work on campus, a student needs to obtain an orange card from the Indiana Tech Career Center located on the second floor of Andorfer Commons (Room 229). The Orange card is an internal paperwork process that is required by the university before employment.

Steps to On-Campus Employment

  1. Search for Job
    Available positions are posted on Indiana Tech’s student jobs page. Apply for any position you are interested in. Note: International students are not eligible for work-study job positions.
  2. Follow Up
    Follow up with the department you had applied for the job. This way you know whether you are selected so you can start the next step.
  3. Obtain Letter of Employment
    Once you get a position, your supervisor will inform the human resources department to issue a letter of employment. You need this letter for the next step.
  4. Obtain Social Security Number
    A Social Security number is required for working in the U.S. Please see the Social Security Number section for more information.
  5. Obtain Orange Card
    Once you obtain a social security number, you are required to obtain an Indiana Tech Orange Card before you can start working. Please visit the human resources page for more information.
  6. Obtain Authorization to Work
    After you obtain the Orange Card, you will have to fill out paperwork with your supervisor. You cannot begin working until your I-9 and other paperwork has been filed and your supervisor has received confirmation from HR authorizing you to work on campus.